Ideas For Raising The Deposit For A Rented Property

| June 27, 2014

Deposit for a Rented Property

Deposit for a Rented Property

Many people are unable to get a mortgage to buy a home of their own, and they can see no prospect of being able to do it in the future either. It is almost as if a whole section of society is suffering exclusion, thanks to the ever increasing divide between the wealthy and the not so well off. This government has done a brilliant job of widening that gap even more and pushing the cost of homes further out of the reach of the people who struggle on low wages.

Until things change, which could take many years, property rental is the only option left for hundreds of thousands of families. In order to rent a property, landlords will often ask for a month’s rent as a deposit against damage, and a month’s rent in advance. If your credit history isn’t good they may ask for even more; sometimes six month’s rent in advance. That presents a problem doesn’t it? At least we are not talking about the sort of money you need to gather for a deposit on a mortgage, but it is a significant amount nonetheless.

So, you need to raise some extra cash for a property you found in the letting agents in Canford Cliffs, or anywhere else for that matter. Unfortunately, that cannot usually be done in a hurry, but there are a few ways you could try. Here are a few suggestions.

?     Enter the national lottery.

?     Join an online casino and use your stake, and the promotional balance they apply to your account, to win much money on roulette, or maybe in a poker game.

?     Buy lots of scratch cards from your local newsagent’s.

?     Learn all about horse racing and stake the money you do have on your favourite nag.

As you can see, most get rich quick ideas include some risk where the odds are stacked against you. Maybe you should stay where you live for the time being, and raise the deposit and advance payment in a more sensible manner. Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

?     Start your own car washing business. There are many hand car washes about at the moment so people must be making money at it.

?     Become a baby sitter and advertise your services locally.

?     Perhaps you local supermarket is looking for night staff to stock the shelves; ask if there are any jobs going.

?     Train as a bar person. Bars and nightclubs are always on the lookout for talented staff. Learn all about drinks, including cocktails, and impress the boss with your speed and knowledge. You do not need to be a whiz at mathematics now that modern cash registers do the work for you.

?     Start buying and selling items on the internet. High streets are suffering thanks to the dominance of online trading. Used goods are in demand, which is why the streets are full of charity shops. Take your slice of the pie by setting up an online shop, either on an auction site or online marketplace, and selling second hand goods at inflated prices.

If you put the effort in, you will be surprised at how quickly you can raise the funds you need. Looking at the task in front of you, it may seem daunting. When you have succeeded and are looking back, you will see it wasn’t so bad after all.

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