How Does your Driving Record Affect your Insurance Rate?

| February 27, 2013
Insurance Rate

Insurance Rate

We all know just how expensive car insurance is, but if you speed, drink drive, or regularly get into accidents, that pricy motor cover can become almost unaffordable. But how do these incidents affect your insurance rates?

Every vehicle infraction you incur gets tacked onto your driver’s licence – a black spot against your name. Insurance providers run checks on your record when you apply for a new policy. Violations can remain on your licence for as long as five years, so it’s in your best interests to keep your record squeaky-clean.

A Goody-Two-Shoes Driver

If your licence is a clean slate, many insurance companies will want to do business with you. It’s worth visiting a variety of organisations and collecting quotes to find the best deal possible. Don’t be afraid to switch companies, if another business can offer you better premiums.

For each year that you remain violation-free, you’ll receive a discount off your premiums. The longer you stay clean, the larger your savings become. But accidents do happen…

Driving Under The Influence

Motorists who’ve been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) can expect severe insurance rates. In some cases, this can mean double or even triple your current premiums. However, it’s just as likely that insurance companies will refuse to take you on, as you’re considered a dangerous driver, and these businesses won’t want to take the financial risk.

Basically, think very carefully before you have a few pints and get behind the wheel. Not only could you pose a serious risk to others (and yourself), but your insurance rates can become completely unaffordable for as long as five years.

How Violations Affect Your Insurance Prices

Minor violations sometimes slip under the radar, depending on what they are. For those that don’t, you can expect approximately a 10-15% increase in your premiums. A few minor transgressions here and there really isn’t anything to worry about – just stay on the straight and narrow.

Can You Reduce Your Insurance Rates?

It’s well-known how ridiculous young drivers’ insurance can be. By taking extra driving courses, you can bring down insurance premiums – the same goes for motorists with violations on their licence. Search for extra tuition online, as it can shave some of those pesky points off your record and improve your insurance policy.

Really, when it comes to keeping insurance rates low, prevention is the best cure. Never drink and drive. Be a responsible motorist or take responsibility for the consequences.

Parking Tickets

Although parking tickets don’t directly affect your insurance, make sure that you pay then on time. If you ignore them, this can have more serious consequences, such as a suspension of your licence or court appearances. Obviously, this kind of behaviour doesn’t look appealing to an insurance company and suspensions most certainly affect your premiums. Contact your local authority, if you have a stack of parking tickets at home, and try to resolve the matter before it seriously affects your insurance premiums.

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How Does your Driving Record Affect your Insurance Rate?


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