Don’t let unemployment keep you down

| February 20, 2013
Jobs are Out There

Jobs are Out There

Due to the global economic crisis, a lot of Australians have been laid off in the past 4 years. Many of them didn’t know how to handle the situation, and because they no longer had a monthly wage, they developed depression and severe anxiety. The longer the period of unemployment, the more depressed they got, as they found it harder and harder to find a new place to work. Not having a stable job can have serious consequences on people’s mental health.

Maintain your mental health during tough times

Generally, after you’ve been through a bad period, things start to improve slowly, and it is essential to stay positive and upbeat. Enjoy the good things in life and don’t let unemployment tear you down. It is true that having an optimistic attitude during unemployment is not an easy thing to do, but by looking to the promise of the next great job and the new challenges and opportunities that will come your way you can find renewed strength.  To avoid feeling disillusioned, you can get involved in different activities, try new things, and take time out for your family.

Confront your feelings

If you want to feel better, start by confronting your feelings. Remember that it is absolutely normal to feel worried and anxious, but you should not let these feelings overwhelm you. There are millions and millions of people going through the same situation as you, and some of them recovered because they never gave up hope.  People tend to deal with their emotions better if they write about them; therefore, you should keep a diary as it might prove to be very helpful.  Once you are working again, you can review your diary to give you strength for any other difficulties you may face.

Get involved

People who are being laid off face a strong sense of uselessness, and this comes as real shock for them. Unfortunately, without a place to work, many feel as if they no longer have a purpose in life. For this reason, it is essential to occupy your free time and volunteering is one of the best ways to contribute to a good cause.  This will give you something to look forward to everyday and you will get great satisfaction from becoming an indispensable member of your community. There is no greater joy than helping someone else.

Make Getting a Job Your Job

It is recommended to approach your job search like an actual job, and establish a set of achievable targets. Decide on a certain number of jobs to apply for on a daily basis. If you think you meet any of the job requirements, apply for the job.  Who knows, you just might get it.

Join LinkedIn

It is essential to stay up to date and join specialized websites such a LinkedIn because it can lift your professional profile and can help you find significant contacts. Nowadays, in order to find a good job, it is important to position yourself in a good spot on the internet, and promote your image and your services. Stay active online and someone may take notice.

Know where to get help

If things become too overwhelming or you are in need of some emergency funds, there are organisations that provide income assistance or loans for people while unemployed. Check with local charities and also different government initiatives such as welfare. These organisations generally provide great services that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Although being unemployed can bring feelings of despair.  Keep your head up and believe that the next job is on the way.  Take action each day to bring yourself one step closer to your new job.  Keep in mind, this may be a great time for you to strike out on your own and test your entrepreneurial spirit.  Remember, there is also a freedom that comes with not having a job; embrace it.

Don’t let unemployment keep you down


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