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| April 30, 2014

What does a business need to be a success? Well, first of all it needs a good product or service, second of all it needs good staff (a business is only as good as the staff it employs) and thirdly it needs good marketing.

Have you ever wondered how successful Coca Cola would have been if the inventor had sold it from a stand on his front lawn? Let’s put it this way, nobody would have heard of it. You’ve got to develop your brand, get your corporate image right and get your product out into the marketplace where people can see it, touch it, taste it (if necessary) and ultimately buy it.

In order to achieve brand recognition on the scale of products like Coca Cola and Adidas you might have to spend a load of cash but this isn’t what we’re dealing with here – we’re dealing with fun, cost effective methods of getting your brand known in your market place and making your business a success.

Trade shows and fairs offer a terrific opportunity to get your product or service out into the public whether you are an established business trying to improve sales, launch a new product or simply increase brand awareness – a well chosen trade show or exhibition can help you along your way. Check out for some fabulous ideas for trade stands, booths, pop up booths, prize wheels, literature stands, wall / ceiling projector screens and more.

Other fabulous and fun ways of raising brand awareness include things like;

• Car wraps – they’re awesome, comparatively inexpensive and can get your message in front of hundreds and thousands of people every day. A well wrapped car is a mobile advertizing board, sitting in heavy traffic for hours on end will take on a whole new meaning – it’s a terrific marketing opportunity not just a waste of time.

• Bumper stickers – are another fabulous and fun way to increase brand awareness for your business. Some are funny but the majority of them are simply a method of getting your business name / place / product out into the big wide world. Every car that follows you along the highway is a potential customer for just a few dollar investment – how fabulous is that?

• How about an inflatable sign – these can really attract the attention of a passerby. A giant inflatable banana on top of a grocery store should certainly make you stop and stare. How about an inflatable motorcycle on a motorbike shop, a giant tire on a garage or a giant sports figure at the football stadium.

• Banners and signs which are well placed can provide a cost effective method of getting your company name out into the marketplace, particularly if you place it in an area of high foot or road traffic.

Trade stands not only give you a brilliant attention to set out your stall for your potential customers, it is also a terrific opportunity to hand out free vouchers, free marketing products and gifts (we’re talking pens, key chains, fridge magnets, desk organizers) – anything which can get your company brand in front of your clients and keep it there. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity next time you attend a trade fair or exhibition.

At there is a great choice of equipment and products available which are perfectly suited to ensuring that you have the best trade booth at the exhibition. Make sure that you put a lot of time and effort into your display because one thing is for sure . . . your competitors will.

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