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| February 19, 2014

ReadingIt’s not the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about how to grow a successful business, but having a desirable office in an area of good repute can really help you when it comes to securing business and growing as a company.

Reading is an excellent area to find such an office, and once you are set up you will be able to enjoy the benefits of working in an excellent location. Reading is home to the Woodley Festival of Business that was held in November and allowed local businesses, owners and support organisations to showcase what they have to offer and network with other local companies in an attempt to boost the local economy. As well as this, Reading is the home of a number of big businesses including Microsoft and Oracle Corporation. So how else can your office help you to be successful?

Point of call for clients

Having a point of call for your clients is incredibly important in helping to cement a business relationship. If you have an office that is desirable, modern and convenient then this will be infinitely easy to do. An office is much like a home; you want it to look nice when you invite guests round. Don’t think that because you may have a lot of employees that you can get away with chaos or poor quality.

Reading became known as one of the most attractive locations for Foreign Direct Investment outside of London after securing 13.7% of all investments; so as a client you know you are working with the best when you’re working in Reading.

Shows Stability

Having an office of any kind can show stability in a business. It will put your clients at ease and reassure them that you are successful at what you do and you will help them to grow as a business with the skills that you can provide. Making sure that your office looks the part is vital to this, and hiring a modern office with vibrant landscapes and local amenities can help to complete the picture.

Make Your Office Part of Your Brand

If you are looking for Reading office spaces then you need to be sure that they can fit in with your brand. If you are a technology company then you will need a modern office with clean lines to reflect your business. If you are a design company then you may prefer an office that has a little something different, or one that you can change and add to; this is an excellent way of growing your company and establishing it successfully. Your brand can have a huge effect on the success of your company and in a fierce market it is very important; so when you are looking for your office space, bear this in mind.

Choose an Office in a Thriving Location

If you see clients on a regular basis and your office is a hive of activity for your customers then setting it up in the back of beyond is going to do you no favours. With immediate access to the motorways and excellent commuter links, Reading is the perfect place to have an office that is focussed on client interaction; especially if you have a large number of employees who rely on the commuter links to get to work.

So in order to have the best chance of success as a new or existing business, get to where the action is and make your office part of your identity. With the right attitude (and office) you are bound to succeed.

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