Money Saving Tips When Hiring a Lawyer

| April 23, 2014

Money Saving Tips When Hiring a Lawyer

Legal services come at a price and this depends on the complexity of a case. Lawyers charge less for simple litigations while for complicated cases the charges could be high. Your situation becomes tough when you are on the lookout for a legal professional for a litigation that could extend for several hearings. There are some lawyers that charge on the merit of a case, while there are some who charge on the basis of court appearances.

Hiring a lawyer is actually difficult, particularly if you are doing it for the first time. However if certain guidelines are followed then the process of hiring a law advisor could become easier. As an initial step you should have a clear understanding of your case. There are certain cases that could be solved even without the involvement of a legal professional. Appointing a professional in such cases would be a waste of money. Again, there are certain cases that could be settled outside court. Thus before approaching a lawyer you need to make a careful examination of your case.

Categorization of your case

Categorization of your case helps you in hiring an appropriate legal professional. If your case is to challenge a will then you need to hire a property lawyer, for a case involving insurance claim for your damaged car an insurance law professional is to be hired, and for settling a corporate tax issue you need to appoint a tax lawyer. After classifying your lawsuit the process of appointing an attorney becomes simpler.

Always hire accredited lawyers

An accredited lawyer not only is experienced but also is thorough about his field of activity. For getting an accreditation a legal professional must have adequate skills as determined by statutory bodies. Fees charged by accredited lawyers are reasonable and do not burn a hole in your pocket. These lawyers only charge that is reasonable and not unnecessarily as done by inexperienced and unaccredited legal professionals. You may speak to friends and family members who already have the experience of appointing attorneys or other legal professionals for litigations.

Be helpful to your lawyer

You must always be co-operative to your lawyer. Information pertaining to your concerned lawsuit must not be concealed from your advisor. He or she must be furnished all details related to your lawsuit as that helps in hastening up the entire litigation process. When requisite information is provided to your legal consultant it helps in forming a compact case that ensures faster court proceedings. You also save considerably on your spending. Not offering correct information at proper time lingers your legal proceeding and increases your spending. Helping your consultant with relevant information is of vital importance not only for your benefit but also for saving money.

Unavoidable expenses

Irrespective of the type of lawsuit, certain payments must compulsorily be made. Court fees, documentation charges, and lawyer remuneration are payments that cannot be ignored. Documentation charges and court fees do not vary much. However amount charged by your lawyer depends on the complexity or seriousness of a concerned lawsuit.

Negotiate lawyer’s fees

Though accredited lawyers do not vary their fees too much, you may always negotiate their fees. In case your stakes are high, you might have to settle for an enhanced fee to your legal consultant. Alternatively for a lower stake it would be wise to negotiate consultancy charges with your advisor.

Monetise your case

Before negotiating fees with your lawyer it is advisable to monetize your lawsuit. Whether it is a case of inheritance, insurance settlement, or tax refund the outcome could be quantified. This quantification would be the yardstick of fixing your lawyer’s fees.

About the author – Juliet Choello runs a legal consultancy business in matters of property disputes, insurance claims, and corporate taxes. To challenge a will she is perhaps the best legal support. She is also a legal advisor to insurance companies, banks, and NGOs. During her spare time she either writes columns or listens to operas.

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