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| April 8, 2014

Internet has opened the gates of freedom and does things that you couldn’t do in real situations. Meeting new people, buying online goods, chatting, marketing, research and in all areas, this technology has helped us globally. Also, new technologies are emerging through the market with new possibilities and aspirations by making our life easier. Technology has helped the business sector more than any other department and it seems to increase its potential day by day making opportunities for new business ventures to come forward and create new ways to identify the creative ideas of reaching large portion of the consumer market. With internet in hand, it’s just not the businessmen that are selling goods, people from all areas like to sell their used items in exchange of buying new ones. Therefore, a media that helps to connect the buyer and seller in a new manner would be so great in many ways. Ebay, Amazon and lots of other companies exploited this idea and made huge business that’s still counting. India is also seeing huge up-taking of exchanging used goods in a secured manner. That’s where OLX India comes in.

OLX India does the job of the middleman that helps the buyers find suitable sellers and give sellers a new way to sell their things. It doesn’t always have to be about buyers and sellers since through OLX, a lot of people are exchanging things such as mobiles, computers, laptops, electronic gadgets, household items etc. The demand of using 2nd hand items is considered to be much cheaper and affordable for the middle-class people who don’t want to buy the things from stores thinking that it might be unnecessary to buy it. OLX was formed in 2006 and it’s one of the simplest, easiest and most convenient way of reaching huge market with lots of deals. Under 40 different languages, OLX has been used in 105 countries and still counting. The most amazing thing about OLX is it’s completely free.

OLX India is switching to target their market towards to mobile-end users. Statistics have shown that India is the fastest country to dominate the mobile Web usage because of cheaper data solutions. According to Stat Counter, mobile internet users are dominating the market with 51.63 percentile while the desktop users make the rest of it. Therefore, it’s a logical way of moving towards mobile users. Also, smartphones have played a great role here. Cheaper Android devices make up the rest of the community. In order to gain huge traffic from massive mobile users, the company has unveiled OLX Mobile Apps to. Both iPhone and Android users can use OLX Classified Apps onto their smartphones since both the Google PlayStore and iTunes has got the app to perform all of the actions in OLX that you do in desktop platform.

Android users can down OLX Android App from the PlayStore and starting discovering the new possibilities to buy and sell products on the go. It doesn’t only open new ways for the consumer sector to make more opportunities through sharing the ads in social networks but also generates huge traffic for OLX itself.

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