Portable Time Clocks, Your Answer to Problems in the Workplace

| February 26, 2014

A time clock is a vital portion of record keeping in many businesses. When employees are paid by the hour, even a slight error that occurs daily can affect expenses for labor. Since labor costs are a large part of doing business, skewed costs can affect your profit line.

How You Can Save Money Using a Time Clock

An example of this effect may be observed if you hire as few as 5 employees. If each of them is five minutes late from returning from lunch or arrival in the morning, you can lose up to $1,593.75 annually in lost time. This is if you pay them $7.50 an hour based upon an 8 hour day, 5 work days a week, and 255 working days a year. This lost time could almost pay for five weeks of work by another employee a year.

Advantages of Portable Time Clocks

Portable time clocks are especially valuable when your crew moves from site to site where AC power is not particularly available because they can plug into a cigarette lighter accessory or use Nicad Batteries to operate. Adding an air card to connect to a wireless network can allow your portable time clock to access the software located at the home computer to keep a continual update of working hours for payroll and attendance issues.

When You Could Use a Portable Time Clock

These time clocks are durable and rust-resistant to withstand harsh environments such as those found on construction sites. Some applications for these time clocks include:

  • Portable time clocks – when it is wise to remove your time clock to a safe location for the night.
  • Construction time clock – for sites that change from time to time
  • Janitorial companies where the crew moves from building to building
  • Tour companies – to keep track of hours for individuals who travel
  • Mobile time clock – when you’re on the road and need to keep track of hours worked

Portable time clocks begin at $375.00 for the lower cost one. These clocks, the time cards needed, time clock badges and ribbons, as well as all the materials and instructions to support time clocks are available. For portable time clocks, access the website at www.timeclockeshop.com and order now.


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