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| February 11, 2014

Auto insurance policies only cover damage that is directly a result of a car accident or other incidences. In fact, insurance companies rarely pay for mechanical repairs that can’t be proven to be linked to a car crash. Auto insurance usually covers the services that involve body work such as applying new paint and replacing front bumpers and rear fenders. Nevertheless, drivers can purchase insurance policies that provide only car repair coverage. A Columbia insurance agent is an example of a professional that can help North Carolina residents find the right plans for their car repairs and maintenance.

A car care insurance plan usually covers completely some of the most basic services that are part of a regular maintenance routine. Tire rotations, oil changes, air cabinet replacements and tire replacements are fully covered at any time under car care policies. Some more expensive repairs may require that policy holders pay some deductibles in order to completely cover the necessary service. Complete brake pad replacements are relatively affordable and therefore a car care insurance plan can cover such costs. However, a transmission replacement may require that drivers pay up some out of pocket costs that aren’t fully covered by car service insurance plans.

Batteries are subject to depletion and replacement on a regular basis. Car care insurance plans can cover any type of battery at no cost to policy holders. Similarly, all belts and hoses under the hood of a vehicle can be covered without any deductibles or other out of pocket expenses. It is also important to highlight that car care protection plans cover the cost of glass replacement, something that isn’t included in standard auto insurance policies. In fact, auto insurance plans require that customers buy special comprehensive glass coverage to replace any of the windows or mirrors in a vehicle.

Most repair shops accept car care insurance plans. Before giving away the keys to a mechanic, it’s worth to mention that the vehicle is insured by a car care plan. Mentioning this can actually earn some additional perks such as free multi-point inspection and topping of all fluids under the hood. Some services may also give away free accessories such as windshield wipers. Car care insurance plans are very affordable compared to auto insurance plans. Older vehicles are the best candidates for car care plans since worn out components are more vulnerable to damage at any given time.

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