Can tradesmen create a brand with uniformed polo shirts and save money by doing so?

| July 19, 2013

tradesmenWhether you are a plumber, joiner, plasterer or electrician, it’s important that all tradesmen are doing everything in their power to create a sense of professionalism around their work. With their ability to get jobs largely depending on word-of-mouth recommendations, these professionals ought to be looking to build trust among new and existing clients at every opportunity.

This is especially important for self-employed tradesmen and small companies that don’t have the vast financial resources to call upon that their larger counterparts can invest in marketing. That isn’t to say, however, the former don’t have any options at their disposal in order to create a strong brand. Far from it, in fact. One thing that they should definitely be looking to do is build their reputation through wearing uniform clothing.

Although many builders and other tradesmen who work for themselves may be inclined to wear plain clothes while out on a job, it is a good idea to invest in branded apparel that features your logo, contact details and other marketing information to help you appear more professional. With that in mind, here are some of the items you may want to think about using.

T-shirts -?While you have probably seen tradesmen turn up to a job wearing their own clothes, donning smart promotional round neck T-shirts can help you to stand out from the crowd. Doing so will show that you care about your company’s image and are keen to create a good impression among customers. Alternatively, you might want to consider getting promotional polo shirts. Choosing products ones that feature an embroidered logo – as opposed to one that is printed – could help to create an authoritative, stylish look. This will be particularly effective when a team of workers arrive all wearing the same clothing!

Hats -?Good-quality hats don’t just play an important role in keeping tradesmen safe while they work, they’re also vital for helping them stay warm and increasing brand awareness. The range of promotional hats there are to choose from includes caps or visors, while beanies may be especially useful to wear during the winter months. Whatever you choose, make sure your company’s logo is clearly printed on your hats. That way, clients cannot help but interact with your brand from the moment they see you.

High-vis clothing -?High-visibility clothes such as vests, jackets and trousers will also be greatly beneficial for tradesmen to wear. The reflective surface of this apparel will ensure you stay visible at all times and can indicate to customers that you are conscious of the need to implement rigorous health and safety practices while working. Such items may prove particularly useful when working outdoors, especially when it is dark and/or the weather is poor.

Whichever products you choose to kit yourself and your workers out with, it is important to ensure that marketing information such as your logo and telephone number is prominently displayed on the apparel. This will help give your customers the confidence you are a reputable tradesman who can be trusted to work on their home to the highest possible standard.

In doing so, you can build an air of professionalism around your company and give customers the inclination to hire you time and time again, as well as make them eager to recommend your services to their friends and relatives.


Can tradesmen create a brand with uniformed polo shirts and save money by doing so?

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