Encouraging university-based children to take on summer jobs

| March 20, 2013
Summer jobs

Summer jobs

It’s a commonly held view that children cost parents a good deal of money throughout the course of their lives.

This ranges from the minute they are born, with expenses such as cots clothes, right up until they fly the nest and leave to attend university or get a job.

However, once children approach the later teen years, it’s vital they start to learn how to manage their finances so they can avoid the need for debt advice later on.

The best way to do this is by securing a summer job and as parents it can help your offspring’s finances immensely to have a little bit of income during the warmer months, especially if you are supplying money for their studies.

There are a host of options available in terms of work and, with many students suffering from debt management issues during and after their time at university, getting a summer job can act as a real boost.

So, just what can students do during the summer to earn some extra cash?

The family business

If you have a family business, then why not offer your son or daughter the chance to get involved and earn some money as part of it?

This needs to be handled with care as you don’t want to add people to a payroll, regardless of them being a relation, if they aren’t required. However, if you have a position open then why not fill that with your child while they are home from their studies?

Not only will this bring them in some money during the summer months and add something to their CV, it will also help the business as well, making it a win-win situation all round.

Summer camp

Summer camps may not be particularly big on this side of the Atlantic but in the US they are massive and offer opportunities to people from around the world to get involved.
These can be great fun and act, in a way, as a sort of holiday despite the hard work involved.

Your children will get to experience a new country and enjoy the summer while working outdoors, although it won’t bring in much financial income.

Most camps will ask for a fee which covers their flight and insurance while out there, although they then pay a specific rate depending on the role they undertake there.

It’s not something that will wipe your student debt away in one go but it’s a great way to spend a summer and can look good on your CV when it comes to applying for jobs.

Also, it means your children won’t be stuck at home spending money without any income. Instead they will enjoy an experience which looks good for future employers while bringing in some income too.

Work experience

While it’s always helpful to try and bring in extra money, times remain tight for many businesses and work can be hard to come by.

It’s best to encourage your university-based children to apply well in advance for summer jobs but, if nothing comes of this, then why not urge them to consider work experience.

This may not necessarily bring in money but placements can often lead to paid work on a freelance basis or further call backs for internships.

At the very least, it shows a good deal of willing in terms of future employment.

As difficult as it can be to see children struggling, it’s also important that they stand on their own two feet eventually and a summer job can really help with this.

Indeed, recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggest there may not be a better time for finding work.

According to the ONS, unemployment is currently at its lowest level for 18 months, while the number of people in work has never been higher.

Employment minister, Mark Hoban, commented: “These are very positive figures showing employment rising for 15 months and despite difficult economic circumstances, unemployment is lower than when this government took office.”

These figures point to a reasonably healthy jobs landscape at the minute and, while not everything is rosy, it paints a positive picture for those keen on taking on work this summer.

Just remember to encourage children to apply well in advance because a number of other students will be considering exactly the same thing.

Further education is an expensive business and it can often be difficult to secure full time employment to lighten the load when children are only back for a few months.

However, thinking outside the box and at least ensuring you don’t accumulate any more debt over the summer months has to be a major consideration.


Encouraging university-based children to take on summer jobs


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