Ways to Help the Environment and Your Finances

| August 9, 2013

Energy EfficientSince the idea of global warming was realised, the world has become far more environmentally conscious and are working hard to determine ways to repair the damage that has already been done and prevent further harm from happening. At the same time, there is a real realisation that so many things we rely on, such as constant technology, etc. ends up costing us an increasing amount of money. The amount of electricity, water, gas and other elements needed is increasing as the number of appliances we use rises.

Helping the environment doesn?t have to result in a major lifestyle change, there are simple things that can be done that will reduce your own carbon footprint which will begin to have an impact on the environment no matter how slight or how long it may take.

Energy Efficient Bulbs

Light bulbs appear everywhere and it is often forgotten how much energy they require and how often they are used. Switching from normal bulbs to energy saving will dramatically reduce the amount of energy used and although the light will appear softer they will last longer.


If you set the thermostat to certain times, you can make sure the house is heated just when it needs to be and hot water will be available for just when you need it. The cost in heating bills will reduce dramatically straight away.


Leaving the car at home saves a serious amount of emissions that affect the atmosphere. It will also save you significantly in car costs such as fuel, insurance and the general wear and tear on the vehicle.

Turn Off Appliances

Many people that standby means the appliance has been turned off; this is not the case. Power is still generated to the appliance to make sure it is ready to turn on fully at anytime. Turning off the power to the appliance means it is completely.

Shower Instead of Bath

Baths use a lot of water that can be considered wasteful, especially considering the length of time most people spend in the bath. Showers use a lot less water and are just as useful for washing purposes.


Insulating your home means that warm air is held inside the home and reduces the amount of heat needed to warm the house. Cold air has fewer ways to get in which doesn?t reduce the indoor temperature.

Solar Power

Solar power panels are a real investment as they offer an alternative to the normal ways of generating power and rely entirely on the nature to provide the much needed energy. Solar power companies aim to help the environment whilst bringing your household out goings down.


Household waste can easily be recycled. Separating

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food waste, cardboard and garden waste are the best ways to help the environment by allowing the items that can be reused to be and the food and garden waste to be stored in places where it can break down and not affect the environment.

Grow Your Own

Growing your own vegetables reduces the demand for mass produced foods and will save a lot of money on shopping bills.

Rechargeable Batteries

A high number of household items require the use of batteries; every time batteries are discarded the contents have a negative impact on the environment as the harmful substances leak into the earth. Recharging batteries saves the cost of replacing old ones and allows you to protect the atmosphere.

Ways to Help the Environment and Your Finances


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