10 best finance jobs for Americans abroad

| July 12, 2013

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Sometimes, they get going overseas. Have you ever thought about broadening your search for finance jobs to include other countries? Or perhaps you are an American already living abroad and interested in working in the financial sector. We spoke to several financial experts to come up with ten suggested finance jobs you might want to consider.

But first, a strong word of advice from Suzanne Garber, a former expatriate. ?First thing that all of your readers need to know/understand,? she advises, ?is their situation regarding their right to work legally in the country of their choice. In many instances, employers (much like those in the U.S.) will not hire undocumented workers. And, only in very special circumstances will companies offer to sponsor employees if they don’t already possess the right to legally work in their country.?

With that said, here is a list of ten finance jobs that might be right for you when living abroad:

1. U.S. tax preparer

?There are a growing number of U.S. citizens living abroad and growing interest from
the IRS to ensure they file and pay taxes,? says David McKeegan of Greenback Expat Tax Services. ?This is making the niche market of U.S. expat tax preparation a growing industry and the added bonus is that you can do it from any place!?

2. Money manager

Since the passing of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, things have changed a little for Americans holding money overseas. Designed to help control tax evasion, the act also requires foreign banks to report to the IRS their American clients? information. McKeegan predicts this will amount to a greater need for money managers for expats. ?[W]ith the FATCA rules many mainstream foreign financial institutions are not willing to bank with U.S. citizens any longer so specialty firms are popping up,? he observes.

3. Revenue accountant

Chris Delaney, the founder of U.K.-based Employment King, includes revenue accountants on his list of currently in-demand finance jobs with Moneyjobs.com. A recent posting on MoneyJobs.com for a revenue accountant describes the duties as follows: recording revenue associated with outside operated properties; remitting royalties; analyzing and reconciling account receivables and other revenue-associated general ledger accounts; preparing accounting entries, and more.

4. Financial analyst

Delaney also sees a need for financial analysts on the rise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), these people, in short, evaluate investment opportunities. They study and evaluate economic trends and histories and analyze closely a company?s financial statements to help them best recommend where investments should be made, and to explain why to the company or individual.

5. Management accountant

The BLS reports that management accountants often work on budgeting and performance evaluation. The work they do, which analyzes and records their companies? financial information, is intended for use by their employers alone and is not public information. Delaney says these finance jobs are in demand in the U.K. right now.

6. Hedge fund facilitator

Stephanie Young is the vice president of business development and lead facilitator at Chart Prophet Capital, a top-down equity investment fund. ?Facilitating basically involves connecting the hedge fund with investors who are looking to diversify or hedge the investments that they have currently,? she explains. ?Whatever the sector may be. For us that would include real estate, commodities, energy, and equities (stock).? The reason she recommends this over other finance jobs for Americans abroad???You can do it from anywhere and it is based on your ambition.?

7. Private equity/venture capitalist

Young also suggests working in this area of finance, which connects entrepreneurs with angel investors and investment bankers, because the success is up to the drive of the individual, who can easily work remotely. ?It would just depend on their networking or SEO skills,? she says, adding that this is often a commission/success-based opportunity — meaning no steady paycheck — but ?once one does close it would be well worth the famine.?

8. Mergers and acquisitions managers

For the same reasons she recommends working in private equity and hedge funds — the practicality with which they can be done remotely — Young also considers this a good finance job for those who want to work abroad. People who work in mergers and acquisitions look to buy businesses that are trying to get sold.

9. Customer service, small business lending

?I firmly believe that customer service and sales in the small business lending market are great places to start,? says Eric Hannan, president of iBank.com, a large financial resource for small businesses. ?Typically people living abroad are outgoing and adventurous,? he continues, ?so the adventure and experience of dealing with so many small business owners daily is worth its weight in gold! Also, if someone can perform in customer service and sales they will most likely have vertical movement opportunities within the company at some point.?

10. Sales, small business lending

Building on his recommendation of customer service finance jobs, Hannan stresses that sales roles are great for Americans traveling abroad, especially young folks. ?There are many banks and lenders that have positions available for young/entry level people to do phone sales and/or customer service,? he explains. ?Someone can pick up the skill with good training very quickly to communicate with business owners. The value [to] the traveler is to earn money while learning and gaining incredible experience not only working in our office but with all the entrepreneurs they deal with daily.?

10 best finance jobs for Americans abroad


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