5 Realistic Ways You Can Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

| September 24, 2014

It seems like an endless cycle that you can never break free from. Waiting until the next paycheck so you can pay your bills and to go to the grocery store again, having to say no to going out with your friends again at the end of each month because you don’t have any money left. These are issues that no one wants to deal with, but unfortunately, many people live this way.

But living paycheck to paycheck does not need to be your reality. You can break the cycle and not only live with more financial freedom, but you can also save more of your money each paycheck for the future and not have to sacrifice the lifestyle that you already have. Here are five realistic ways you can stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Make a realistic budget

You probably have a budget already, but it has been ineffective because either it is out of date or it is not all-inclusive. Many people make a budget that only includes the basic expenses and income that they have, but it does not include all the little things that they spend money on every month. Try to make a budget that includes all of your spending and every income that you have. This will give you a better idea of where your money is going each month.

Decide what expenses can be reduced

Once you have created your realistic budget, you can begin to reduce and eliminate those things that you spend money on that you can live without. There are a lot of little things that you can reduce that can make a big difference each month. For example, you could make your own coffee in the morning instead of stopping at Starbucks, or you could reduce your Direct TV Internet package to a lower priced option.

Limit non-essential spending each month

Your budget should include a section for non-essential spending, the money that you spend on entertainment and other non-essential items. This section should be stricter than any other part of your budget, so make sure that you stick with the number that you planned to spend. You should never take money from another section in order to pay for non-essentials; instead, you will need to plan your activities each month to allow for the best use of your non-essentials budget.

Make a list for every shopping trip

Impulse shopping is the fastest way to lose all the extra money you had for the month. Every time you go shopping you should have a list of the things that you need. Don’t veer from the list and you will have a lot more extra money each month.

Finally ask for the raise you deserve

Most of us deserve to earn more at the current position we are in, but we are hesitate to ask for a raise. Take time to sit down with your boss and discuss the raise that you deserve to have. If you are your own boss, use TitleMax to invest in the improvements you need for your business to grow and increase in revenue.

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