Benefits of the Amex Rewards Card

| October 8, 2012
Amex Rewards Card

Amex Rewards Card

When people consider getting a credit card one of the first things that crosses their mind is the rewards. People instantly want to know what is in it for them according to credit card reward programs. One of the most exciting programs is the one that is offered by AMEX. For a long time American Express wasn’t exactly accepted everywhere. It still isn’t, but it’s accepted in a lot more places now. This has caused a lot more people to go and apply for one.

A Closer Look at the AMEX Rewards

When people do apply one of the first things that they check out is the rewards program. They will see that they can get points and earn rewards in a number of different categories. This may seem like a small thing to some, but people that pay their monthly balances in full can really reap the benefits.

AMEX offers some great rewards for cards like Home Depot, Best Buy, Nike, Pottery Barn, Old Navy, and Neiman Marcus. This is just the tip of the iceberg though because there are even more gift cards that can be redeemed for the point that cardholders have accumulated.

People can also choose rewards like electronics or household appliances that can be ordered directly from American Express. There are so many ways to use the points. People can even shop on sites like Amazon and pay for their purchases with the points. This is big thing that many people are now taking advantage of. This is appealing to lots of people because it allows them to buy things that are used. That amounts to even more savings.

AMEX Points vs. Other Credit Card Companies

The thing that many people really adore about AMEX is that the point scale is exact in relation to the cost of the gift. A person that gets 2500 points, for example, will be able to get a $25 gift card. This isn’t so simple with all the other vendors.

People that have a Discover Card, for example, will have to accumulate 4000 points before they are eligible for a $25 gift card. It is true that Discover has more special offers to earn points, but this isn’t much of a deal because the point system doesn’t match the gift card cost.

Earn More Points by Shopping Through AMEX

AMEX has their own way of helping customers earn more points through their online mall. This is how so many people can get as much as 3X or 4X more points for shopping with select companies through the AMEX mall. The only thing about this is that consumers have to remember to do this. If they go straight to a site and shop without going through the AMEX portal they will not get the extra points.

The AMEX rewards card is one of the best around. Cardholders get a ton of different things for their rewards. It doesn’t take long to accumulate the rewards when people use the card regularly.

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Benefits of the Amex Rewards Card


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