The 5 Steps of Binary Options Trading

| December 28, 2013

Binary Options TradingIf you have done your research, you know what a binary option is and how it works. You choose an asset, you predict the direction in which its price is going to go, and you wait to see if you won or not. You do not need a lot of money to start trading binary options.

You can invest a small amount ($100-200) and wait for it to get bigger. If you have the money and you know the theory, it is very easy to make more money. Here are the main steps you have to follow once you have decided to start trading binary options.

Choose a Website that Trades Binary Options and Register

Choose a trustworthy binary options broker and create an account. If the website you chose promised a bonus when you registered, make sure you receive that bonus. If not, fill in a complaint.

Open an Account

When you register, you have to fill in a form and open an online account where you will deposit your investment. This account will be used for your payment and your bonus as well. Make sure you read the withdrawal policy properly so that you can actually withdraw money from your account.

When you open your account, you will be asked about the currency you are going to use. Most of the brokers have an account for binary option trading starters and the experienced traders. If you are new to binary options trading, you should always go with a starter’s account.

Deposit Your Investment

Once your account is opened, you have to deposit your investment. Make sure you deposit the minimum amount only as you do not want to risk losing too much money. Most of the websites ask for a minimum amount of $100. However, there are brokers that ask for $200 or $250.


Now that you have created your account and deposited your first investment, it is time to receive your bonus. Keep in mind that this is true only if your broker promised a bonus. Your bonus should be deposited in your account in a period between 2 hours and 2 days. If you are eager to receive your bonus early, you can always call your broker and request for it.

Start Trading

Once all these steps are taken care of, you can start trading. It is important to take a tour of your broker’s website to get used to its features. When you get familiar to the website, it is time to start with trading options.

Look through the available assets to see which one you want to trade. You should look for the asset that is currently valued far beyond its usual value. Make sure that its value has changed with at least 0.1 points compared to the last hour.

If you found an asset that meets these conditions, click on the UP or Down button, and type in the amount you want to invest. Being new at this, it is always best to bet on smaller amounts at first. Then, click on the BUY button. In less than 3 second, the approval of your trade will be featured on the platform. If you want to go with the CALL, you have to choose the assets that go the other way. However, your final success depends on the type of trader you are.

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