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| April 8, 2013
Instant loan

Instant loan

Cash advances can be used to fund the purchase of items that would normally be slightly out of reach, such as house extensions or cars, and instant loans from a range of providers are increasingly available for such purposes. When looking for an appropriate loan it always pays to shop around and remember a few things in order to get the right product.

Types of loan

Secured loans are available to people who own a property and the loan is secured against that property, so for instance a house can be repossessed should payments not be kept up to date. Unsecured or personal loans are available to non-homeowners which means they do not use your home as collateral.

The inevitable downside, however, is that secured loans usually carry more attractive interest rates and have less emphasis on credit histories.

Loan amounts

Something else to consider is that with an unsecured loan the most you can borrow will be GBP25,000, whereas anything up to GBP100,000 or even more is available if you put up property as collateral for a secured loan. Also, you can take a couple of decades to repay a secured loan whereas unsecured ones tend to require repayment in less than ten years.

On the other hand, with loans it’s a general rule that the longer the term the higher the eventual cost, so a shorter term is always preferred even though you’ll have to factor in the higher monthly repayments.

Question your decision

doing that, so you’ll have to find one that doesn’t if you think this applies to you. You can Ask yourself a few simple questions before deciding between a secured and unsecured loan. Decide on the amount you want to borrow and the period you want to borrow for, your confidence on whether you’ll be able to meet the specified repayments and whether you’ll be likely to repay the loan earlier than the agreed term.

Some providers levy a charge for always find more information on instant loans and advice on credit options online so it pays to research these products before making your decision. Look to reputable services for this information and remember to consider your own financial situation very carefully before considering applying for any type of credit. For great advice on cash advances from Loans, visit their website today.

Choose The Best Loan


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