Tips BMW to Make Claim on Car Insurance Policies

| September 21, 2012


Getting a good car insurance policy should be the topmost priority for you whether you have already bought a car or are planning to buy one. Especially when it comes to high-priced vehicles like the BMW, insuring it saves you from unnecessary stress or worries when you take it out. Auto-insurance also saves you from legal and other hassles in case of an accident and also meets the medical expenses.
Most expensive cars to insure

Most expensive cars to insure

It even reimburses you to an extent if your vehicle is stolen. But getting an insurance cover for luxury cars like the BMW is quite costly for various reasons. In fact, three BMW models find mention in the list “20 most expensive cars to insure” compiled by Not getting a cover, on the contrary, means that you will have to bear all losses and expenses resulting from accident, theft, etc which can put a great burden on your finances.

Tips for a Better Insurance Experience: 

Tip 1: Know the prescribed requirements

It is important to know the minimum criteria or requirements relating to insurance pertaining to your state or country. Knowing these criteria will help you get the proper insurance plan for your car. It is very important not to over-insure or under-insure your vehicle. While over insurance can drain your finances unnecessarily, under-insurance can leave you out of cover and vulnerable to losses.

Tip 2: Reduce your Mileage 

The number of miles you drive per day would also have a bearing on your insurance premium. The more you drive, the more you will have to pay so firstly, do not overestimate your daily mileage, calculate it properly and secondly, try to reduce it.

Tip 3: Age of the Insured

Persons younger than 25 years and older than 55 are generally considered to be more prone to accidents and are calculated to be bad risks compared to those in between. Research all available options and consider the ones which put less emphasis on this factor, or charge a lower interest rate for your age.

Tip 4: Secure your Car

A luxury car like the BMW is a favorite target of car-thieves, and this fact will weigh a lot with the company when they process your application. To reduce paying extra premium on this account, install security features like the car burglar alarm, GPS Tracker and immobilizer. The more secure your car, the less will be your premium.

Tip 5: Keep a good Driving Record

A good record means you will be a good risk to insure for the company and so it is important to keep a clean driving record if you want to be charged less.

Tip 6: Buy insurance plans Online

When you purchase an insurance policy online by debit or credit card it reduces the processing costs for the company. In turn, they charge you less compared to the traditional process and sometimes companies even offer discounts to the tune of 5-10% of the amount for online purchasers.

Tip 7: Customize the Standard Policy

The insurance broker presents to you the standard version of the contract. Check if there are options to customize it and do not hesitate to deselect those facilities which you would not need. Go through your policy minutely and you will be able to save yourself a lot of expenses by getting rid of unnecessary services.Tip 8: Consider paying the Premium yearly

Companies offer you the option of paying the premiums either monthly or yearly. Generally they charge a little extra on monthly payment plans so it is better to pay the premium on a yearly basis.

Tip 9: Compare Insurance rates frequently

Insurance is a competitive business and the market rates change continuously. Keep abreast of the changing rates, compare the rates and the services provided by the different companies and make sure that you get the best deal.

Tip 10: Use technology to give good Proof

It is usually quite troublesome proving damages to the company for settlement of claims. So if you have a camera or a camera phone, and you are in such a position after the accident, never forget to take pictures of your car (and of yourself too if there are injuries).Conclusion: 

The above tips have been shared here to make getting insurance cover less burdensome on you.  If you follow these you will surely get a better deal on BMW car insurance policies.
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Tips BMW to Make Claim on Car Insurance Policies


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