How To Get The Best Deal For Your Car Insurance

| June 21, 2012

How To Get The Best Deal For Your Car Insurance

 Best Deal For Your Car Insurance

Best Deal For Your Car Insurance

Car insurance is a major drain on the financial resources of people of all ages – and drivers everywhere are desperate to reduce the cost of it by any means possible.
Fortunately, help is at hand for cash-strapped motorists as the following are ways to reduce the price of getting vehicle cover on an annual basis.

Price comparison sites

First up, a quick and easy way to make instant savings is by heading to price comparison sites, sticking in all the relevant details and then sorting through the different quotes it produces in seconds from different insurers. Instantly, you’ll get page after page of different quotes and using these types of online resources can result in drivers knocking hundreds off the price of insurance. Shop around because while companies like Auto Trader offer gap insurance – which is a very specific type of policy – at a certain price, different companies will offer different deals.

Constantly switch insurers

Customer loyalty when it comes to car insurance is a bit of sore point for many drivers. You’d think that sticking with the same company would result in getting a good deal when it comes to renewal time, but this is not always the case. Never automatically renew with a particular insurer before first having a quick look around to check you’re not getting ripped off.

Tweak the policy

Making subtle but significant changes to your policy impacts on the overall cost. For instance, offering to pay a higher voluntary excess (deductible) will bring down the price, although it’s important to be mindful of the need to pay this sum in the event of making a claim so ask yourself if you can afford to pay it before you start making drastic changes. Adding an older, more experienced driver to a policy could also put a little money back in your pocket.

Reduce your mileage

The fewer miles you do in a year, the less you’ll be charged in insurance – it’s simple stuff really. So, try and find ways to reduce your annual mileage. Start lift sharing with work colleagues, friends and family and using alternative forms of transport so you can leave your car at home.

Time to downsize

Are the costs associated with owning a car spiralling out of control? If so, take action sooner rather than later to avoid running into debt. Consider downsizing because trading down to a smaller car means you’ll ultimately pay less in insurance and less to run in.



How To Get The Best Deal For Your Car Insurance


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