Economical Cars For Family Holidays

| June 13, 2013
Economical Cars For Family Holidays

Economical Cars For Family Holidays

There are some cars that are better than others when it comes to long journeys and family holidays. Here are a few of the best…

Skoda Octavia

Most people overlook Skoda cars but for the price they are amazingly well put together. The new Octavia hatchback is spacious and comfortable. It’s not much to look at, nor is it an exciting drive but the comfort and quality of everything inside is unrivalled by cars of a similar price.

There’s also range of green options to choose from that push down fuel consumption and running costs.

SEAT Alhambra MPV

If you have a large family then this practical car has room for everyone. With seven seats and great fuel economy, this is a great choice for a family road trip. It’s not the cheapest MPV on the market but it’s certainly one of the most comfortable.

Mazda 6 Tourer Estate

If you are looking for a practical car that’s also fun to drive then this is the one for you. There’s plenty of space for children and luggage but there’s something exciting about the car that makes it a pleasure to drive. There are a number of cool features that come as standard too: From the touch screen computer, to auto braking, to radar cruise control.

Ford B-MAX Hatchback

Another well made, practical car. It has wide opening doors that makes loading everyone and everything into the car very easy. It’s based on the popular Fiesta but with added height to give more room. This means it’s fun and easy to drive with great fuel economy too.

Kia Cee’d

This car has been getting a lot of attention lately as the newest model can park itself. Great for those of us who aren’t so keen on those manoeuvres. This is a car that’s a pleasure to drive on long motorway journeys as it’s quiet and comfortable. If you get one of the small diesel engines, you’ll also find it’s quite frugal too.

Toyota Corolla

Not exactly the most exciting car in the world but it’s been named as one of the most reliable. The average breakdown rate per year is just 7%. Not bad for a decent size family car. They’re no longer available new and have been replaced by the Yaris, also a good little family car.

Volkswagen Passat

The ‘new’ Passat is just a revamp of the old model but it comes with much better standard features as well as improved fuel economy. It’s a nice looking car with low road tax costs (depending on the engine size you go for).

There’s some really cool added extras too like improved safety systems to prevent low speed collisions and a sensor that you can waggle your foot under to open the boot. That’s very handy when you’ve got armfuls of shopping and children.

If you’re looking for a user car take a look at Memphis DriveTime for some ideas of other great family cars.

Economical Cars For Family Holidays


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