Things to consider when investing

| September 17, 2013

Investing in goldInvesting can be quite personal and all depends on what the individual is looking for in the long run. Below are some investment ideas on various sectors which are relatively straight forward but it?s amazing that quite a lot of people sometimes don?t factor in when making an investment.

Invest in Property in areas you know

If property is something you are keen on investing in. Always consider investing in areas that you have a general understanding about. Check out the areas demographics, how the schools rate, what access is there to employment within the local area and most importantly what is the selling history in the area. Finally another important factor to decide is if you are going down the buy to let route to check the annual yield the property holds. If you are planning to keep the property for a certain period of time it would be wise to get a property with a high yield.

Invest in what you know

Choose industries that you have some sort of knowledge about as well as keeping a close eye on. For example if you are a well-known chef, you may consider investing in quality produce as you would have an intimate understanding for the industry and ultimately have an understanding of the value chain.

Find a strategy and stick to it

One of the reasons some investors such as Warren Buffett have been so successful with investing is primarily due to a set of rules they impose on themselves. For Buffett, what he really wants to see is if a company can actually make money. For example Buffet once said that between all the gold in the world and all the farmland in the United States he would chose the farmland as it?s easier to get a return on investment and regular income.

Even if you?re new to the stock market, or even someone who has taken managed funds as an investment strategy, it?s worth looking into some of the gurus strategies to see if it would work for you. With any investment decision it would be wise to consult a professional before parting your hard earned cash.

Things to consider when investing


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