The perfect way to have a weekend celebration from your first salary

| January 30, 2013
Weekend celebration

Weekend celebration

First salary is synonymous with endless craze and excitement. As we join our first ever job, we start counting our days which are left in getting our salary. We tend to experience various changes as well. We feel self dependent and equally get immense importance from our friends and relatives as well.

You are equally dutiful towards throwing a grand party in order to show your happiness to your near and dear ones. However, you equally need to be cautious regarding the amount of money which you are going to spend in a party. Since it will not be smart decision to spend all your money and borrow money from others especially at the beginning of your professional career. Hence, you need to follow the below mentioned ways while organizing a party like never before.

Give invitation to your relatives and friends in your home

If your home is spacious enough and can accommodate specific number of people then make a list of your kith and kin accordingly and prefer organizing a party in the comforts of your home only. If there is an open space in the vicinity of your home, then it can be used for games, barbeque along with others. The menu should be reasonable which does not burn a hole in your pocket. Include eatables such as pastries, hotdogs, and burgers as they besides being mouth watering; are equally cost effective as well.

Dine out

If in case you do not have spacious house, then organize the party in a good restaurant. Thereby, you will be equally saved from various sorts of issues like decorating your house, or preparing food etc. You just need to book your table in advance and that’s it. The rest of the concern lies with the management and you only have to enjoy there with your guests. There are restaurants which offer huge discounts especially if there are large members as well, so you will be eligible for discounts too.

Homemade Foods

Your friends and relatives will be having home cooked food which you have prepared for them. It is advisable to have home cooked food, only if you are largely confident about it or else you will do harm than any good. As food is considered to be the backbone in a party and you simply cannot take any chance towards having relishing, exotic and mouth watering cuisine as well.

You need to make a list of the items which you will be preparing. You equally need to shop for them. Timing plays a crucial part and the food should be cooked before the guests arrive. This is the most important aspect which cannot be overlooked in any way. After all, once the guests start to arrive, you are not going to get enough time towards preparing the dishes.Since, you will be engrossed towards welcoming and caring about them. Isn’t it? Similarly, have a professionalized help from the best cook and maid who equally have endless experience in cooking for such events as well.

Finally, make the event memorable which will be etched in your memory for ever.

The perfect way to have a weekend celebration from your first salary


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