Personal Background Screening Can Help in Understanding a Person Better

| March 21, 2013
Personal Background Screening

Personal Background Screening

There are several reasons as to why someone would look for

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a personal background screening, right from personal safety all the way to pre-employment screening. Irrespective of the reason for seeking such a check, you should stay aware of what a background check comprises of, cost for it, and what your choices are.

Knowing the Basic Nature of a Person and his/her Records

To begin with, such a check would give details about the identity of a person through things like name, address, and Social Security Number (SSN). It should also include motor vehicle histories, criminal histories, past work and education credentials as well as credit histories. All these details are more than enough in providing you a full understanding of the concerned person.

Beware – Free Background Check Sites May Not Give You Accurate Results

A quick online search will often list out several free websites for performing personal background check. However, such sites will not provide you the details you are searching for. This is because most of the details are confidential and whatever details you get may or may not be fully precise or updated. Paying some fee is a better choice since it is likely to be worthy towards the end.

Prices of Premium Services

The cost charged by these agencies may vary depending upon various factors. The information on these sites gets updated on a regular basis based on details submitted by different criminal justice agencies. While this is a one-time search, few sites may provide discounts for people who perform several background screenings.

Take a Subscription If You Regularly Use Background Check Services

If you are one of those people who would do regular background checks, a better choice would be to register for a subscription. Check out the plans and know your needs before choosing a plan. Such subscriptions may last anywhere from a month to 5 years. This can be advantageous to conduct frequent checks since they provide a flat fee and let you to perform as many searches as essential.

Ensure that before registering you are aware of how long your subscription will be for and what they charge for it. Based on what exactly you are searching for, the price may be in the range of $3.00 – $59.99 per month and at times, it may also be as high as $100 per month.

Difference in the Kind of Information Pulled Out

If you opt for low-cost subscriptions, it may monitor just the criminal activities, while the higher cost ones will cover a wide range of details like death records, marriage records, professional licenses, and tax records. This will also incorporate past or current criminal history.

On the Whole

Irrespective of the reason for why you are performing personal background checking, there are several choices offered to you. You should research them thoroughly, look at your choices, and find the best choice for your budget, your situation, and your needs. In the end, you will feel safer in getting to know precisely what you choose.

For those people looking out for a good job opportunity, conducting a self check of personal background screening can be greatly helpful as they can help self-assess themselves. A spotless and clean record increases your chances of getting a good job. So, it is crucial to do such checks before attending interviews so that you can rest ensured that you would be presenting a good background to the potential employer.

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Stanley Morgan is the HR Manager of a reputed IT company, who very well understands the importance of personal background check. He screens the background of each and every potential employee of the company.

Personal Background Screening Can Help in Understanding a Person Better


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