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| October 10, 2013

While it?s more challenging to get credit and loans in this current economy, in the heyday of the early aughts, millions of people were able to secure credit cards and mortgages that put them into debt that they?re now struggling to pay. If you?re one of the many who?s in over your head due to over-spending or under-earning due to the current soft economy?or a combination of the two?know that you have a number of potential debt solutions that can help you out of this hole.

If you still are in relatively good-standing and haven?t maxed out all your credit cards, you can take advantage of the many balance transfer offers that litter your mailbox monthly. Another option is calling your creditors to work out a payment plan, or possibly reduce the interest rate. It is a simple step, and can save you thousands of dollars, while making paying down the debt seem feasible. If your creditors won?t work with you, you can turn to debt consolidation services as a way of setting up a plan with lower interest rates than what your creditors offer. This infographic by?Consolidated Credit provides several potential debt solutions for several degrees of severity of debt?review it to find a solution that can help you get out of overwhelming debt.

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