Hit the Floor Running With Your Startup Business

| June 4, 2012

Hit the Floor Running With Your Startup Business


Hit the Floor Running With Your Startup Business

Hit the Floor Running With Your Startup Business


Hit the Floor Running With Your Startup Business

The time has come for you to get that business idea out of your head and into the world where it can make you money and get your results. If you’ve been waiting years to start up your new business, then why wait any longer? Let the preparations begin. With good preparation and steady progress, you could see your business dreams become a reality in a matter of months.

The more you prepare before your business officially opens, the better off your business will be. It’s best to take a “hit the ground running” approach to your business—meaning that everything is already in place, tested, and successfully going to work by the time you put up that open sign. Once you get started there is room for expansion and growth, but at least initially, it’s best if you make sure to consolidate what you have into a package that will work and get your business places. Here’s how you can do that.


First of all, you will never be able to successfully get your business off the ground unless you have the money you need. There are a great many bills to be paid, first in the preparation stage and then in the actual running of the thing. You need to find investors, borrow money, save up, and do whatever it takes to get what you need and then that much more before you can move on to the next step.


Your business needs to go from the idea stage directly into the design and branding stages. This is where a bit of money will have to be invested, because in order to do this properly you want to be sure to use a good design firm that can help you make a face for your new business. There are thousands of small business out there that are nearly faceless—with little branding or marketing done to give them a name for themselves. If you make sure to give yourself a face and a brand in the first stages, then you’ll be that much closer to seeing success, and you’ll rise above all those other businesses in the minds of potential customers.

Get an Office Space

Don’t wait too long to find yourself a place for the work to be done. You’ll need somewhere for you and your employees (coming soon) to base out of. You can use serviced offices as a fast and immediate solution to that problem. Serviced offices are pre-furnished and prepared for anyone to use in under 24 hours of their request. They offer flexible leasing, and maintenance and care if you request it and quite a few other features that might be useful, and you can see examples of these at http://www.regus.com.au/products/offices/serviced-offices.aspx . You can have a mailing address for your business in no time, and move in within a few hours after the lease agreement is signed. It’s an immediately available option that is perfect if you’re looking to get started quickly.


Depending on what kind of business you’ll be opening, equipment could be a huge consideration for you. Even if it’s going to be just a regular office situation with mainly computers, there’s still a great deal you’ll have to invest. Besides the computers themselves, you’ll need servers, printers, fax machines, office supplies, and more. And if you plan to run something more than just an office—for example, a screen printing shop—then all the additional equipment must be purchased.

That’s why it’s extremely important to take care of all this in the preparation stages. Do your research and find your options before you start thinking about things like office spaces and branding options. Look into all this so that when you do open, you are ready to order what you need.


The job markets are filled with eager people looking for job opportunities. If you are opening up shop in an area where not many professionals in your field live, consider visiting and recruiting in other areas. If you offer good jobs with great pay, professionals will be eager to join your team.

Buzz and Marketing

Don’t forget to invest time in money in stirring up the market before you open, and in your very initial stages. If you can afford to get the word out there as early as possible, you’ll truly be on your feet within the first few weeks. Get your business into business directories and the yellow pages (go to http://www.yellowpages.com.au/ to submit a listing).The more people know about your business the more traffic you will get. And that’s what you want as a new business.



Hit the Floor Running With Your Startup Business


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