Save Money On Your Car’s Fuel Economy

| December 12, 2012
Save Money On Your Car’s Fuel

Save Money On Your Car’s Fuel

It’s a well-known fact that fuel is becoming more expensive. One of the biggest worries that motorists have is about paying too much for petrol or diesel at the garage forecourt, as prices seem to be rising on an almost daily basis. In times like these, it pays to be frugal, which is why whether you own a brand new hybrid or know you can purchase a used Mercedes from, you should do all you can to maximise your car’s fuel economy.

There are a number of things you could do to try and improve your car’s efficiency. Here are some of them:

  • Make sure your car’s wheels are perfectly aligned. This will mean there’s even pressure on each tyre, which in turn will mean less fuel is used to power your car.
  • Drive more slowly than usual. The faster you drive over the same distance, the more fuel you use, so it pays to be a little less speedy on the road.
  • Keep your tyres pumped up regularly. Flatter tyres need more fuel, and doing this could mean your car becomes more fuel efficient.
  • Try to reduce the amount of unnecessary luggage in your car for each journey. This will instantly help you to save money on fuel, as the lighter your vehicle is, the less fuel will be needed to get it from A to B. You could save yourself 4p per gallon by doing this every trip.
  • Make sure your fuel cap is intact and securely shut. Fixing or replacing a faulty cap can save you roughly 2p per gallon on fuel.
  • If you need to buy a new car from a site like, make sure it’s a smaller model, as they need less fuel. This will help to save you hundreds of pounds every year in petrol costs without altering your driving habits too much.

Save Money On Your Car’s Fuel Economy


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