Shipping to Australia – Without the Worries!

| December 14, 2012
Shipping to Australia

Shipping to Australia

When you’re sending a parcel abroad one of your first concerns will be ensuring that the contents of your package arrive safely and securely. Due to the sophisticated nature of modern global logistics, the average parcel is going to be handled many times at various local depots and regional hubs along the way. It will pay dividends to protect your parcel before it is even collected.

All too often, the temptation can be to use a box that is only just big enough to contain whatever it is that you’re sending. We all like to save money and making your package as small as possible seems like a really good way to keep costs down. It’s important to keep the contents of your parcel away from the inside walls of the box though; if your package is jostled at any stage you want the box to absorb the impact rather than transmit it directly to the item inside.

Of course, this is particularly true when you’re sending anything fragile – be it glass, plastics or even electronics. The easiest way to keep your goods protected is probably bubble-wrap, a thick layer or two can do wonders and keep most items safely tucked up until they arrive.

The strength of the box you select can have a huge impact too. If the box that you’re thinking of using looks a little worse for wear it is going to be worth thinking again, especially if you’re sending something heavy or bulky. A good courier will do their best to patch-up your parcels where possible but if a corner or side opens up unexpectedly it’s all too easy for something to fall out.

In most countries it is a legal requirement that couriers must get a signature when delivering a parcel. The notable exceptions here are the USA and Australia. If you’re shipping to Australia or America look out for a courier service that offers ‘signed for delivery’ as an option for all destinations, regardless of local custom. This should be available at no extra charge and is a handy way to avoid your parcel being “miss-delivered.”

We’re all sending more and more parcels, taking a few easy steps to avoid the most common problems should make life much easier.

Shipping to Australia – Without the Worries!


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