Why Having Short Term Private Van Insurance is to Your Benefit

| June 14, 2013
Van Insurance

Van Insurance

Most of us don’t own our own van unless we use it constantly for business purposes or perhaps to carry around something bulky such as musical instruments on a long term basis. Most of us though, will almost certainly, during our lives, have the need to hire a van for a short term purpose, perhaps for moving home or even taking on a delivery or driving job for a limited period of time which requires the use of a van. In cases such as this, most of us will hire a van for the specific time and purpose that we need it for.

When we are only hiring a van for a limited period of time, taking out a long term insurance policy for the van is simply not viable or sensible, and in cases like this, having private short term van insurance is the way to go to ensure that we are covered in the event of an accident or damage and at a reasonable cost to ourselves.

Whilst some people are tempted to simply take out a twelve month insurance policy and then cancel it when it is no longer required, this can have additional and unexpected costs as early cancellation fees are not uncommon and may well be hidden in the depths of a contract, unnoticed by you at the time of agreement.

Sometimes this fee may not be overly significant but fees of up to 50% of the cost of the policy have been noted on occasion so it is well worth reading the small print of the contract.

Buying private short term van insurance ensures that these additional fees do not have to be paid and means that the affordability of taking this policy out means that few people take the risk of driving uninsured. To do this is both risky and foolish even if the van is only going to be driven for a single day. Yes, there is a reasonable chance that you may get through the day without any damage to the van and undetected by the authorities, but the consequences of running this risk are simply not worth it. If you sustain damage to the van then you will have to pay the full cost of repairs which may run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds. If you injure or kill someone, even if the accident is not your own fault, then the full weight of the law will fall upon you and you are likely to face a prison sentence or at least a very heavy fine. These risks are simply not worth it for the small investment of taking out a short term van insurance policy.

Make sure that when you do take out short term van insurance policy though, that you use a reputable company and do take the time to read the small print very carefully. Whilst in most cases, this won’t affect you, there are instances of small print where for example, there are a limited number of miles that can be travelled before the insurance policy actually becomes invalid, thereby causing you to break the law with the potential consequences that this may entail. Whilst this may not be relevant for a shorter journey, if you are moving from Cornwall to Scotland, for example, this may well impact on you.

So, do make sure to find the right short term policy for you and allow yourself time to read the contract thoroughly and especially the small print. Doing so may mean the difference between a successful hire period and a disaster which you will want to forget as quickly as possible. Look around for the right private van insurance now on major providers such as AXA van insurance.

Why Having Short Term Private Van Insurance is to Your Benefit


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