Spotlight on the Different Types of Travel Insurances That You Should Know About

| February 9, 2014

Travel Health Insurance

Travel insurances have become a very essential part for people who frequently travel for a trip or vacation. It gives peace of mind and helps protect health, possessions, luggage and wallet also if for any reason you decide not to go or cancel your trip. For people who travel very often, they are familiar with the insurance policy for cancellation of flights and covering up for the hiccups during overseas trips. However, the ratio of people who’ve awareness about benefits of travel insurance to the ones who don’t is very low.

Ignorance About Benefits of Travel Health Insurance

Most of the people are unaware of the travel health insurance plans, medical evacuation or baggage coverage. They are not even aware of the requirement of medical evacuation insurance while travelling across international lines. Click here and get to know about this. You will discover the need for purchasing a travel health insurance before planning your next adventurous trip. There are a variety of coverage plans offered by insurance companies. They are:

Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance: When people spend a small fortune for their vacation or trip, this coverage plan should be chosen. But, it will cost a high amount even more than the amount spent on the trip. Always avoid purchasing this insurance plan from the cruise, airline or the company you are travelling with because if the company by any chance becomes bankrupt, they will come up with null coverage and cause you to lose your investment.

Flight Insurance: The flight insurance coverage gives huge payouts and is very expensive. It probably is the least important insurance as there are very rare cases of a plane getting crashed.

Baggage Insurance: The need for baggage insurance coverage depends on the destination you are travelling to. While the baggage is covered under insurance with the airline, it may happen that your financial documents, jewelry and furs are not covered. Similarly, there are many non-covered items and exclusions. Also, there is sometimes excess valuation at the time of booking flights, which is again a kind of additional insurance. Try and enquire about this at the airport.

Health Care Insurance: All of the healthcare insurance does not cover medical expenses outside the country. People often make a mistake of taking their existing health insurance as global. Healthcare coverage for travelers is needed to be looked into and known properly before planning your trip overseas. You can search online and know about it in detail.

Adventure or Extreme Sports Travel Insurance: When it is a matter of adventure travel like mountaineering or scuba diving, most of the basic travel insurance plans have reasons for exclusions. Moreover, additional adventure or extreme sports insurance may cost high.

Golf Travel Insurance: For golfers who have to travel outside for business, this coverage is very useful. Insurance of this type will include coverage for the lost golf equipment, golf fee refund and equipment delay.

Additional Coverage Options

There are many more kinds of travel health insurance coverage plans. Before travelling outside their homeland, people should consult a broker or some reputed agencies for planning things out. They can make use of internet, and look for the best option to take as per their needs and particular requirements.

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