Stylish Yet Affordable: the Most Economical Cars on the Market

| August 9, 2013

Economical CarsWith disposable income at an all-time low for so many people around the world and the cost of fuel on a constant increase, choosing the most economical car has never been so important. In previous years we?ve been heading down to the local dealership in search of our dream cars, handing over the cash and loving every moment we spend behind the wheel. Oh how the times have changed?

Today, we?re not driving around in the gas-guzzling models that we love so dearly, instead we?re driving around in stylish comfortable cars that are much more friendly on the wallet in terms of fuel. Manufacturers have spent decades trying to get as many miles as possible out of each tank of fuel and while they?re doing their best, we, as the drivers, have also had to adapt and change our driving styles to try and push every last mile out of the tank.

There are all kinds of car dealerships in New Jersey and the rest of the world for that matter, that now offer the kind of cars that are so economical that they would?ve been looked at as ?boring? ten years ago. Today, they?re some of the most in-demand models on the forecourts but how do you go about choosing one? You can also visit this site gas powered scooter for adults. After all, if they?re so in-demand and manufacturers are constantly working on developments based around more than top-speeds, picking the best one for you is going to be difficult. To help out a little, here are the five most economical models to have hit the market this year:

Toyota Prius

The petrol/electric hybrid model from Toyota has been popular the world over for being both economical and performing well at the same time. An issue many manufacturers have had when developing hybrid models is that performance deteriorates and owners become increasingly irate. The Prius, however, genuinely works and produces a combined fuel consumption of 135mpg.

Toyota Yaris

Another entry from the Japanese manufacturer, the Yaris has a 1.5litre engine combined with an electric motor, combining the assets of the traditional Yaris with that of the Prius, making it lighter and more economical than ever before, averaging 81mpg.

Renault Clio 1.5 dCI 90 ECO

The Clio has always been a relatively sporty model, but Renault have shown that sporty doesn?t have to mean poor on fuel consumption anymore. The fact it has ECO in the name is emphasized by the 88.3mpg produced from the diesel engine, blowing its rivals ? the VW Polo and Ford Fiesta ECOnetic out of the water.

Hyundai i20

The i20 has been given a bit of a revamp in recent years, but the manufacturers have maintained a lot of the original features that made it so popular previously. This incredibly fuel-efficient diesel powered, 1.1-litre model produces an impressive 88.3mpg on average.

Kia Rio 1.1 Ecodynamics

Arguably the largest of the top five, the Rio is friendly for the family as well as the bank balance. It produces an average of 88.3mpg and only emits 85g/km of carbon dioxide emissions which makes it friendly on the environment too!

Stylish Yet Affordable: the Most Economical Cars on the Market


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