3 Tips for Filling Your Pipeline

| December 6, 2012
Attract Your Client

Attract Your Client

Businesses that are engaged in sales and depend on the revenue coming from their sales pipeline, know that getting the prospective buyer is hard work. A pipeline that is full of clients and customers is good news for any business, while an empty pipeline a huge source of concern. The sales pipeline is essential for businesses to succeed. This post should give tips on how to generate leads and fill the sales pipeline to help drive more revenue.

Identify and Attract Your Ideal Client

The first thing you should know is exactly who you want to put into your pipeline. Not knowing who you want to attract will only lead to a futile chase. Your ideal client is an individual you enjoy doing business with. Your pipeline should be full of people who fit that description. Additionally, your perfect client is someone for whom your offer is just perfect. Your target market is different from your ideal client. Ideal clients have a defined attitude and share at least some of your goals and vision. While your target market may consist of women who are married, have a couple kids and TRYING to start a home-based business, your ideal clients are women who are married with a couple kids and WANT to start a home-based business because the kids are going off to school. The ideal client wants to find something to do, to fulfill a dream while they have time on their hands and can still put the kids first.

It is best to set the foundation and capture the right people in your pipeline. The wrong type of client can become a source of a headache later on. You can take on such clients later if you so desire, but your you need to have a solid foundation to begin with.

Visit Your Clients – Go Where They Are

Now with your ideal clients identified, it is time to go find them. It is time to find out where they are, go there and hang out with them. It is time to make some friends and spend time getting to know them. If you are unable to find where they are, take the time to go back to step one and do some digging. Once you have found your ideal clients you can turn your attention to doing activities that will generate leads in the areas where your clients are.

Build a Relationship with Your Leads

After identifying those clients and generating your leads, you now need to spend some time building a relationship with them. Employ the use of a consistent follow-up system such as direct mail. If your clients subscribe to your newsletters, e-zine or any other information that you send out on a regular basis then you will not have to worry about forgetting to contact them.

You will need to be persistent and aggressive if you are to successfully convert your leads into sales. This is even more so a reality in the present economic climate. A full pipeline signifies continuous cash flow, and that is what you want to achieve.

Guest post contributed by Matthew Rayfield on behalf of InvenioMarketing.com. Matthew is a freelance writer and marketing consultant. He enjoys researching lead generation companies and sharing his findings on various marketing blogs.

3 Tips for Filling Your Pipeline


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