10 Ways to Live a More Frugal Life

| December 11, 2012
More Frugal Life

More Frugal Life

Millions of people have found the need to tighten their belts and, as a result, a more frugal lifestyle has become downright fashionable.  There has also been resurgence in people wanting to embrace traditions of ‘Mending & Extending” as opposed to simply replacing items.  This means people live a more ‘eco-friendly’ lifestyle in terms of both ecology and economy.

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Going Frugal and Feeling Rich

One of the best ways a more frugal lifestyle can benefit people is that it actually makes them feel richer in more ways than one.  Saving money means people can do things such as repay debt faster.  It can also mean achieving a truly debt-free life for some, and reducing debt is one of the most significant ways in which people can reduce their stress levels.  At the end of the day, people have more money in savings once their debt is paid, and reducing their spending means less clutter, less hassle, and less stress.

For many people, issues with credit card debt consolidation drive them to adopt newer and more financially healthy spending habits.  No matter who you are, there are simple steps you can take to start living the more frugal life today.  By taking on a few of these simple things and then building on them, you can easily begin to cut your spending, and, if debt is a problem, make real strides in solving it.

Change the Way You Buy Food – It may sound ridiculous, but many people barely look at their grocery store receipts.  Every responsible consumer should know how much they pay for daily essentials, from fresh fruit and produce to toilet paper.  Look at old receipts or keep a list until you become familiar with average prices.  This will help in spotting good deals at other stores.

Order Over-the-Counter Medications Online – you’ll usually find a great deal on vitamins, supplements, cold medicines, and other routine remedies online.

Make a Menu – plan out your meals for the week so you can choose inexpensive recipes.  Cooking from home also saves hundreds compared to eating out regularly.

Invest in Home Repairs – spending money on things like insulation or high-quality windows may require an outlay of cash in advance, but will save on long-term heating and cooling bills.

Take Care of Your Clothes – taking simple steps like lightly shaving woollen clothes, sewing buttons back on, and hemming trousers can save quite a lot on annual clothing budgets.

Make the Most of Local Programmes – look into free community events for local entertainment and make sure you register with your local library in order to borrow books, CDs, and videos.

Look into ‘Make Your Own’ Options – from growing your own vegetables and brewing your own beer to mixing your own detergent and sewing your own clothes, there are plenty of things you can do yourself.  Search online for free tutorials.

Skip the Gym – you won’t need to pay expensive monthly membership fees if you simply get outdoors more often.  Start walking to the shop instead of driving, park farther away when you do drive somewhere, or take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Make exercise a part of your daily life.

Cut Your Credit – Once you have a card paid off, get rid of it.  It’ll only tempt you to spend money you don’t have.

Plan Big Purchases – Whether it’s a new TV or your next vacation, start looking at options early on.  This will let you spot good deals as well as compare reviews.

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10 Ways to Live a More Frugal Life


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