What Causes Debt

| January 18, 2012

What Causes Debt

What Causes DebtWhen it comes to trying a debt free life then that is something that many of us will never be able to accomplish.  Sometimes it is going to be so hard to get debt free at times; trying to get debt free however is not something that is going to happen overnight, it is going to take a lot of time and patience for anything to happen.

The truth is when people get into debt, it can take years to get back out of it but you really do need to think about how you do get into debt?  Are you spending money on things that you absolutely cannot afford to pay back, that you are buying a second car that you hardly ever use and still try to run two cars even though one is only being used.

There are many different types of debt; the first has to be that people, we, are all going to get into debt because of credit cards.  These are the most dangerous ways in which we can get into debt and find that once we have credit card debt that it takes almost until we are retiring age before the debt is gone.

Mortgages are also the next most simplest ways in which you could get into debt; this however is not always thought to be a bad source of debt – it can be depending on how you look at it, some will say they are getting their very own home at the end of it so getting into debt to buy their homes is worthwhile.

A car loan is also one of the most common things that we can get into debt from, that is because cars can get us from A to B and even C and we always like to get a newer car and find that they need new parts.

Student debts

Student debts can also be another way in which we can get into debt, this is because many of us want to get back to school and learn more.  This is not always a bad source of debt however, not when you are getting a degree at the new of it.

Cars take gets you around the place and getting a loan for this can be a worthwhile thing to look for though the payments can be difficult.  Just like the mortgage repayments, remember you are getting a home from this at the end of it so why not think about this as a viable option to get into debt.

The cost of debt

The only thing that we seriously need to worry about is the fact that we are all getting into debt, across the country and world; the cost of debt is rising and we are going to have to think about what effects are going to come with the debt.

Sometimes not all debt is going to be bad, spending money when you don’t have and put it onto a credit card is not what it going to be the best sources of debt.  Things that don’t actually have to spend; credit cards will keep the debt rising but if you don’t need to put things on there then don’t.

Keep away from debt

If you want to try to keep away from debt once you have gotten yourself out of debt then you are really going to have to think about what you are spending every month and how much you can actually afford to spend on.  Take account of everything that you are actually spending on so that you can see every possible expense, where all money is going; if you are paying so much on dining out every week and what can be done to stop that.  Making your own lunches would be best to think about and avoiding the restaurants daily if possible; think about stop doing this if you can.

If you want to keep away from debt then you are going to have to think about getting rid of any old debt so that this is not going to keep on coming back every few months.  Remember the interest is going to be added over the months that you don’t pay so paying this off can help you to remain debt free.

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What Causes Debt


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