Working from home?

| November 26, 2012
Working from home

Working from home

Working from home is something more and more companies and their employees are thinking about, especially if this infographic is to be believed. The benefits of working from home are mainly financial, as employees save on travel costs, while their bosses will save on running costs in terms of computing, letting their workers choose their own working hours and choosing the right candidates rather than the nearest. However, communication has been seen as a barrier to remote working.

Fortunately, video conferencing from Powwownow can change all that. Further down the infographic, many who were surveyed in order to gather the data for its creation said that they used a variety of tools to communicate with their co-workers and bosses who were based at the office. Video conferencing is a relatively new piece of technology, but it makes communication easy and effective.

While e-mail, instant messaging and phone calls are all useful to some degree, video conferencing outflanks them in terms of effectiveness. Being able to visually communicate is something that can be done with this technology, and it can be used for a variety of scenarios such as meetings, interviews with clients or just one-on-one discussions with the manager or another colleague.

Source: Powwownow Remote Working The Way Forward

Working from home?


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